Today’s question is a big one. When looking to step back into real estate in a continuously hot market like Miami, I knew that I needed to start off on the right foot. Choose wrong, and I would set myself up for failure, even in what looks like heaven on earth.

When the Miami real estate is heating up, the last thing I wanted to be was at the wrong company. Here we are going to explore where to work when entering the Miami real estate market as a realtor or real estate agent.

The options can seem overwhelming. On top of the sheer number of real estate companies here, there’s the question of whether to focus on commercial or residential real estate. And, is it better to work higher up on the chain, or simply work as a seller’s agent offering up single-family homes or going with luxury condominiums as the bread and butter of the business?

Exploring all of these questions is what led me to the best real estate company that I could work for in Miami. It has paid off very nicely over the many years in this market.