Walk The Neighborhood: The Biggest Houses in Miami Area

Miami, Florida is known for a great many things. These things range from Cuban coffee and food to the city’s beautiful subtropical climate. Because of all of the positives features Miami holds, a great many individuals have chosen to take up residence in this Florida city. And when there are plenty of residents, there are big houses to be had! In this article, we will discuss where the biggest houses in Miami are.

1. 1 Casuarina Concourse

One big home that is located in Miami? A gorgeous Mediterranean mansion that recently sold for over $43,000,000. The home is 20,862 square feet in size, making it a very big house in Miami indeed. This home boasts 9 bedrooms, 10 full baths (5 half baths), and has three stories of beautiful luxury living.

2. 260 Cape Florida Drive

Another large and luxurious home located in Miami, Florida sits on 260 Cape Florida Drive. This home is sizable, being 18,091 square feet, and is currently for sale. It is directly on the ocean, making the view truly spectacular indeed. This home also has 9 bedrooms, and as for full bathrooms, there are 8. This gorgeous home is currently on the marketĀ  for $13,900,000. Definitely worth a look if this is in your price range!

3. 5004 North Bay Road

Another listing that is actively for sale, the property on 5004 North Bay Road is impressively large at 17,055 square feet in size. It is also the largest home for sale located on Miami Beach. This home was built in a “resort-style”, and not only will the new owner enjoy 7 bedrooms and 10 full bathrooms, but even a rooftop swimming pool as well. Currently, this “SESTO SENSO” home is listed for sale at $35,900,000.

4. 2 Tahiti Beach Island Road

This home is one that was built in the style of an Italian villa, and it is truly a spectacular sight. It is also an impressive size, containing 16,662 square feet. An Italian Palazzo pool graces the property, and on the inside, the three-story home has 9 bedrooms and 9.3 luxurious bathrooms. If you are in the market for a fabulous Italian-inspired mansion, expect to pay $10,800,000.

5. 4555 Pine Tree Drive

The last of the large and luxurious homes in Miami that we will mention rests on 4555 Pine Tree Drive. This home is one of the suavest on the market today. As for size? Exactly 16,000 square feet. Besides 6 bedrooms and 7 full bathrooms, the home boasts a concrete water slide that leads right into a beautiful pool. Perfect for summer splashes! This home is currently for sale at $22,575,000.

In conclusion, Miami is a city that has a lot to offer, and because of this, there are many gorgeous homes to appeal to those who want to live the life of luxury. The homes that we mentioned in this article are simply the biggest and the best. And who knows? One of them could soon be yours!

Are You An Agent Wet Behind The Ears? South Florida’s Best Real Estate Companies To Work

Today’s question is a big one. When looking to step back into real estate in a continuously hot market like Miami, I knew that I needed to start off on the right foot. Choose wrong, and I would set myself up for failure, even in what looks like heaven on earth.

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